Breaking the rule, our success.

Located in Old Quebec, Les Frères de la Côte is a casual and lively neighborhood bistro. A perfect spot for a good meal!

Originally, the Frères de la Côte were buccaneers and freebooters dedicated to total freedom. Being part of the same community, they shared both the risks, tasks, and booty collected along their way.

The Frères de la Côte are equals among themselves. The "Chasse-partie" agreement, which regulates the distribution of the loot at each operation, provides a share to compensate the wounded. Once this contract is signed, crew members pair up to support each other in case of illness or injury.

Brothers! To your glasses! To all these urban barbarians who have been with us for ages, this free world that continuously pushes the boundaries of speech, creativity, movement, thought, and pleasure, you, the brothers of the coast.

Since the restaurant opened in 1989, our team has relied on the quality of its craftsmanship and the loyalty of our clientele. We are close to the people, and we want to share our passion.

For 30 years, we have been writing our story. We build ourselves day by day with the imprint of the past. We offer a spirit of sharing and collaboration through our personality. Les Frères de la Côte is a sanctuary where everyone is welcome.

Les Frères de la Côte
  • Les Frères de la Côte

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